Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Tour: Heather's French Provincial meets Hollywood Regency.

Let me start off by saying how lucky I feel to have so many creative, kind, and wonderful girlfriends. I really believe these friendships make me a stronger and happier girl!

Last Sunday my girlfriend Brie and I (+ our hubbies) went over to our other girlfriend Heather's house for a "European Sunday" dinner. The food, drink, conversation was absolutely fabulous...but Brie and I could not stop wandering around Heather's recently decorated was beyond!

So while the men were talking sports and business, and Heather was preparing our feast, Brie and I were snapping photos of the whole house--well Brie was snapping photos (thanks Brie!)...I was art directing :)

Heather's style is very French Provincial meets Hollywood Regency.

I picture Marilyn Monroe living here in the 1950's. Heather is fearless, and flawless, in her personal style...and it really comes across in her home too! (I also have to give kudos to her husband Denis who supports her bold decor choices...ahuum Ryan are you listening? :)

If you can believe it, Heather does most of her home shopping online. She consistently browses sites such as Horchow (hallway chandelier) and Etsy (plantation shutters) for fabulous finds!

But what Heather is most famous for in our her gift for finding amazing pieces on Ebay! Some of Heather's infamous finds include her dining room table, ghost chairs, headboard, armoire...the list goes on. Amazing!

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