Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My NDB Ad is in The Washington Post's Style Section today!

A couple months ago I was in a Next Day Blinds commercial. Well thanks to the magic of high-definition video cameras, they were able to use the video stills as images for a new print campaign.

So my commercial lives a full page ad on the back of the Style Section today in The Washington Post!

Next Day Blinds started locally in the Washington, DC area to bring premium-quality, fully custom window coverings in days instead of weeks or months, and now has over 35 stores!

Everything is completely custom--nothing is off the shelf. Which would be perfect for my weirdly-shaped living room window that I would give my left arm to have adorned in NDB plantation shutters!!!

Next Day Blinds is also committed to local manufacturing. Their tag line, Quality Crafted Locally, speaks to the fact that your product will never leave their hands until they're in yours. All of their Great WindowTM blinds, shades and shutters are crafted, sold, installed, and serviced by Next Day Blinds employees—never!

This ad was to promote their Shop at Home Program. A fabulous designer from Next Day Blinds will come to your house with their entire line of options. They measure your windows, help you decide which window coverings will work in your house--comparing the options against your space's colors and lighting,send your order directly to their local factory...and arrange your installation appointment, all in one single can't get more custom than that!!!

Meanwhile I'm on my 4th visit with the stupid cable company to give me a cable box that works?!?!

Check out some lifestyle shots from Next Day Blinds...and be sure to like them on Facebook here!

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  1. There is nothing like quality custom window treatments! They look great and you won't have to worry about them not fitting or replacing them for years to come.