Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The new Rue: Issue 4 is here!

When Rue's Editor in Chief, Crystal Gentilello, said this issue was her favorite so far...she was setting the bar pretty high. As the past 3 issues of the new online mag Rue have been completely bananas!

But she was right...these four uber-talented and fun ladies of Rue have hit it out of the park with Issue #4. There are so many cool articles, amazingly beautiful photos, and fun videos!

You must check it out today...but here are a couple of my fav pics from Rue, Issue 4:

PS--check back tomorrow. I have some amazing pics of my girlfriend's French/Hollywood Regency home to share--it is insane!

One of my to-do's is to start styling my books on my tables.

I think my mom would love this wallpaper :)

I have already prayed to the design gods many times to let me have black window panes in my next house...but if it doesn't work out...this is a good idea to hang black framed window-looking mirrors
I totally agree...I have been loving brass lately, and I'm even incorporating some brass/gold frames into my gallery.

I'm currently researching table top styling for an upcoming post...and this is going into my image library! 
All images above courtesy of Rue!

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