Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Loco + Guest Rooms

My Birthday flowers are finally dying...but look how beautiful they looked in their glory days:

October is shaping up to be a crazy month!!! This week we are finishing painting the basement...I hope to have some rough progress pics by the end of the week. We decided to paint the walls BM Simply White, and the ceiling a gray color: BM Smoke Embers. It is turning out fantastic!

After we finish painting, we have a few pieces we have collected that can go up right away. But we still need to purchase a couple of large items, such as the entertainment center & TV...and some fun photos we have our eyes on. I can't wait to show you progress pics.

Plus I have to find time to have the fabulously-old wing back chair & firewood storage (which I'm using as an end table/storage bin) I scored at an antique shop reupholstered and spray-painted respectively.

And then next week...we are off to Europe!! I'm going to post more on that later :)

But for now, I've been thinking of how I could add a little pizazz to my upstairs guest room.

Here are some guest rooms that I think are completely perfect & inspiring...who wouldn't want to stay here!!!

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