Friday, October 8, 2010

Missing in Action

So's been a week since my last post. I have been in Denver for a work conference and thought I'd have time to write a few posts. But alas the conference kept me going from 7am-4am Denver time each day!

October is a crazy month for me. I just got home from Denver and am turning around and heading up to Long Island for my nephew's christening this weekend. Ryan and I are also headed to Europe for a week this I might be a little sporadic in my posts, but it's my goal to post every day!

Before I go on...I want to say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two very important women in my life...

My Aunt Susie (who is an avid reader of this blog) turns 70 on Saturday October 9th

And My Sister (and best friend) turns 26 on Sunday October 10th.

I love you both so much, and am very grateful to have you both in my life!!! You inspire me each day!

Now back to my post...

In honor of all of my upcoming traveling...I thought I would take a short break from home design to focus on the holy grail of fashion: the chic traveler!

How can you be a chic traveler? How can you fit enough fabulous items into a carry on suitcase? How can you mix/match items without looking like you are mixing and matching items? Sometimes I think of the quote "I apologize for the verboseness of my letter, I didn't have enough time to shorten it." The same applies to traveling. If you don't have time to really think out your outfits, you might find yourself packing everything (I am totally guilty of this!).

Here are some tips I always try to follow when packing

  1. Don't bring anything too trendy. Always keep it simple, chic and comfortable. This way you can combine with standout accessories.
  2. Layers, layers, layers. 
  3. Accessories: bring 2 bold necklaces, a pair of large earrings, dark sunglasses, and don't forget...a scarf!
  4. In the winter--bring one pair of super chic flat boots. Make sure to wear these on the plane to save space in your suitcase. You can wear these every day in the city, and a pair of neutral heels and you are set.
Here are some ladies who killed it:

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