Thursday, October 14, 2010

How old is too old for posters?

Now I know that posters are not necessarily for adult houses, and the Moulin-Rouge french posters are so circa 1995 Friends, but...

I can't help but love these sailing prints for my basement family room. I think properly matted and framed, they could look fabulous and bring much needed pops of color onto my walls. What do we think?

Let me share some in-progress photos of the basement. We hope to have it all painted by Saturday.

Here is a pic of my basement walls before. Have I mentioned the previous owners hired painters to dip the whole house in this antique beige color? It is literally in every nook and cranny.


You can see my 5 white samples painted on the wall under the window...I am insane.

AFTER: (the pics don't do it justice, but the Simply White paint made everything so much brighter!)

This is another project I have up my sleeve...painting the stairs and adding new (hopefully striped) runner

 Hopefully I'll have the pics of the ceiling on Friday.

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