Friday, October 15, 2010

Inspiration Board: My Mom's Guest Room

Happy Friday!!!

When my mom asked me to help her come up with a design for her new guest room, I knew I would draw inspiration from HGTV's Secrets to a Stylist.

I fell in love with the gray guestroom with the goldish-yellow duvet from West Elm.

Here is what I came up with...

My mom is going to paint the walls the same color I painted my basement ceiling...and my new favorite color in the world--Benjamin Moore's Smoke Embers!

This will contrast beautifully with the goldish-yellow chain link duvet from West Elm. I love West Elm duvets because they are great quality and at $79-99 for a Full Queen you aren't afraid to be a little daring, because it's not necessarily a piece that has to last for years and years!

My mom already has guestroom furniture that is mostly white wicker (yes my sister and I begged for this back in the 90's :) so that will work well with the gray and yellow.

My mom is also going to paint a beautiful old dresser she had as a child...wait for it...a bluish teal. I think this is a great idea to bring an old piece back to life, and the teal color will really be a wow factor against the gray and yellow.

Because the teal dresser is going to be such a standout piece, I recommend putting 1 more teal piece in the room, so it grounds the color and doesn't seem so foreign--I love the idea of finding an old simple chair and painting that as well.

You have to have a chair in every guest room. Not only does it give your guests a place to put their things, it is great to sit on when they are getting ready / changing...or relaxing from a long day sight-seeing!

Since the room gets tons of light, and the furniture is mostly light, and I recommend using white curtains, I wanted all the other pieces to be slightly heavier and darker to ground the room. I love this dark washed out round mirror from Potterybarn.

And then lastly, I thought mercury vases were the perfect combination, since they are both ethereal but have dark coloring mixed in with the chipped platinum. And every guest room should have family photos to really make the space feel personal.

Well that's it! Looks like my mom and I are going to be doing a lot of shopping at West Elm, and painting!

Email me if you want me to do an inspiration board for your space!

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