Monday, October 11, 2010

Designer Profile: Lulu de Kwiatkowski

I have wanted to profile Lulu de Kwiatkowski's textiles forever, so when I saw a profile on her in the recent issue of Lonny, I knew this was the perfect time!

Lulu de Kwiatkowski, founder of textile company Lulu DK, began her career painting wildflowers mixed with huge geometrics on clients' walls. People began begging her to turn these paintings into fabric--and so Lulu DK was founded.

Most recently, Lulu collaborated with John Matouk & Co. and launched a new bedding collection called Lulu DK Matouk. Check out some of the fabulous patterns below:

She also has a baby collection. I love this pattern!

But to be honest, what I really think is her finest piece of her home. Check out the pictures featured in this month's Lonny issue.

This house is so well's completely fabulous without out being over the top or fussy. You can't stop staring at it, but you wouldn't feel bad taking off your shoes and curling up in any room. It's young, hip and fresh, but still warm and inviting with hints of old world decor...LOVE!

(All images below are from Lonny magazine)


  1. I LOVE my Lulu DK Matouk duvet and shams
    (purchased via RueLala for $199!).

  2. Loved reading about Lulu in Lonny...and seeing even more about her here!