Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Progress: Parents are the best!

Happy Monday!

Ryan was out of town this weekend so my parents came to stay with me and help me get some major things done around the house.

I love when my parents come over. Not only do they help me tackle projects Ryan and I have been putting off forever, but we have so much fun together!!! I am so lucky to have them...and promised them I'd give a little shout out today!!!

Okay here are some things we accomplished:
  • Grouted a few tiles in kitchen that were coming a part
  • Hung bathroom cabinets in both bathrooms
  • Hung wooden blinds in bedroom & office
  • Hung newly framed Sailboat print in family room
  • Hung thrift-store mirror in family room
  • Almost spray painted the shutters black--but had reservations and decided to leave white
Check out my photos below!
    Family Room with new Sailboat Print

    Office window with new wooden blinds

    Bathroom Cabinet

    Close Up of Sailboat Print...with Charcoal / Orange / White Custom Matting

    My new favorite accessory - Coral

    Family Room

    My thrift-store mirror and thrift-store lobster plate

    Basement Bathroom Cabinet

    My wall gallery progress :)

    Look how pretty the azaelas are coming in! Sorry our grass is so long...I told you Ryan is out of town :)

    Our rose bushes are growing out of control...I can't wait until we can properly trim them back!

    Love the hot pink!

    These hosta were transplanted from our back yard...and are thriving in the front!

    We are planning to plant a Holly in this empty space!
    I hope everyone has a great week!

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