Thursday, May 26, 2011

Capturing 'Vintage Chic' in your house

Happy Thursday everyone!

I can't wait for the long weekend. I am headed to Bethany Beach on Saturday and hope to relax, read, eat and shop :) I'm definitely going to duck in to my favorite antique store Beach Plum...although to be honest I have no more room for my vintage finds :) I'd love to start an Etsy shop where I can continue to buy thrift furniture and fix it up...maybe one day!

Speaking of vintage chic...I cam across this fabulous photo gallery on House & Home.

As House & Home says "Artfully mixed with contemporary pieces and iconic furniture, classic, refurbished and secondhand items offer a rich, timeless feel. Whether you prefer to splurge on original mid-century pieces or scour the markets for forgotten treasures, a vintage chic aesthetic is easy to achieve."

I second that! I particularly love vintage chic because it really feels lived in. There is no fuss and it looks like you have collected thoughtful pieces over time. This is why you can't make your house look like the pages of Domino or Secrets of a Stylist overnight.

So be patient, buy things you love...and one day you will realize you have your own version of 'Vintage Chic!'

All images below: House & Home



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