Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Water for Elephants - Why can't people still dress like this?

Not much to say's cold and rainy here...and I can't wait to go to the beach this weekend!

I did see Water for Elephants last night with my girlfriends. I never got around to reading the book--it's sitting on my guest room nightstand, but I heard it was beautiful and much better than the movie.

The movie was good for a couple I learned I still love Rob Pattinson outside of the Twilight mania (he is so hot in this movie), two I adore Reese and she looks beyond beautiful, and three I was obsessed with the set decor.


There is something so ornate Victorian...yet bohemian vintage, with a whole lot of quirky about this 1930's Circus life. I loved the circus costumes, the clothes, the train cars, the was beautiful. So much texture and color.

As one blogger accurately put it "The interiors and styling, created under the set director Jack Fisk will have you yearning for Billie Holiday, a snifter of good whiskey, and frilled lamp shades."

Here are some current pieces that remind me of something you would see in one of these lavish tent rooms, when prohibition was in 

Jack Fisk talked about his approach to set design during an interview with Filmmaker Magazine.

"Once you realize that you're not only designing a film but you're designing the way it can be shot, the collaboration with the cinematographer becomes more important. If you give them something they can't shoot, it's like you're cutting off your own foot. On Terry's films, working with Chivo [Emmanuel Lubezki] - that's really fun - because we're trying to do it without lights. A lot of times I'll be cutting extra holes in buildings to create more windows: Holes in the ceiling and stuff like that, so he can shoot.

I never wanted to just design sets in an office and accept whatever is built. I keep working on a set until the crew arrives - until it's shot. I keep working until the actors push me out of the way. Because it's permanent. You have to take care of them and love them and not ignore them - be there every minute you can, while they're being built and shot. Because that is their life and they will be on film forever."

His passion definitely jumps off the screen.

Water for Elephants is worth seeing if you are a design lover!

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