Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy Tuesday Details

Sometimes it's all in the details...

I was going through all of my saved photos (I have thousands) today and thought I would just post some of my favorites.

First, you know my love affair with salvaged barn doors on rails--but this is almost as good. Check out this metal & screen sliding partition. I love how it's see through but definitely breaks up the space enough for privacy. 

One thing I miss having in a rambler is stairs. I know I won't miss it when I have babies and suitcases, laundry, etc...and technically I do have stairs (to my basement which I'm painting as we speak) but there is something to be said for a beautiful entryway.
A couple of houses in my neighborhood have these original lattice-work windows. I love love love these. I wish I could have gotten something like this in my basement. Hmmm maybe I could work this into my storm door? I love how the iron is so decorative, it reminds me of an English cottage.
 Okay if you can't give me lattice windows...just black framed windows will do. How amazing is an all white room with gorgeous black framed windows? Everything instantly seems so refined and chic.
Speaking of doors, I know I have talked about painting mine for almost a year now...but I'm hoping to get the time soon. I've actually grown quite fond of my natural wood door...but let's be honest...black is just so classic!
Happy Tuesday Rainday!

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