Thursday, November 3, 2011

Loving Camel + Gray

For a while now I have been totally focused on buying neutral solids as opposed to flashy prints. This really does make your wardrobe timeless as opposed to really trendy. Italians, who always look fabulous usually focus on buying just a few high-quality solids and then mixing, matching, and layering throughout the year...and you know how I love all things Italian.

My particular focus has been on camel--I can't stop buying camel colored pieces. Camel is warm and sophisticated, and always looks rich.

And I'm loving the combination of camel and Heather gray. Look how fabulous it looks...

It even looks amazing in home spaces:

These technically aren't camel and gray...but they are so pretty I had to include :)

PS--I am totally wearing gray with a camel plaid scarf today :)

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