Monday, April 4, 2011

Side Table: from thrift store find, to fabulous steal!

So I have a bunch of random photos, projects I wanted to share with you on this beautiful 80-degree Monday!

First, I finally got around to sanding and spray painting my $11 thrift store table. Here are my my tools: primer, flat black spray paint, and a mask.
Then I sanded the entire table.
Then I took my table outside and sprayed the first coat of primer.  I was kind of digging this gray. One day I'm going to be wacky and just keep something in this cool primer color :)


This is when an annoying bug landing right on my table, I had to get him off, smudging my perfect primer job and getting it all over my finger! I just tried to smooth it out and then spray over again in that spot. Not really a big deal...
Then it started raining :) so I ran my table inside. It did get a few rain drops on it, super annoying, so I'll still have to do a quick sand on the top and then spray my second coat of black tonight...but I think it is definitely looking great!

Since I was on a painting-kick, I decided to start painting my basement stairwell too. I ran to Home Depot and had them mix the same paint I used on my basement ceiling (Behr Paint & Primer in One--Mixed to Benjamin Moore's Smoke Embers).
The bottom wood paneling is going to get sanded and painted white, hopefully next weekend. And the stairs painted black on top, and white on the bottom. Then I'll have to search for some great striped runners.
Here are some painted stairs for inspiration:

Hope everyone has a great week!

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