Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Steals!

I can't wait to share the complete steals I found this weekend. Not 1 hour after leaving work on Friday, I was on my way to get my eyebrows threaded. I had a long talk with myself on the drive out to Tyson's. OKAY HEATHER DO NOT WALK INTO WEST ELM.

But then fate intervened and my threading lady was with another client, so I couldn't help but wander into West Elm. And boy am I glad I did...I got two awesome steals...both for my guestroom 2.

Have you heard of floor samples? These are usually the floor models, and while most are not 100% perfect they are more than 60% off. Plus by the time I shove anything into my Jetta and drag it into my home, nothing is ever perfect anyway.

So first I found this awesome wrap around dining chair. Originally $79, I got it for $30. The tumeric (aka lemon yellow) is so fun, and will look perfect at the desk in my guestroom 2. (read more about this desk below)

Here it is at my father-in-law's roll top desk he purchased in 1982. This desk has been through so many moves and it is barely held together with nails and staples. When Ryan and I moved it to paint we literally heard it moan. I fear it's on its final legs but I can't seem to get rid of it. The roll top is so charming!

Next I found this white rolling beverage cart. I love that the glass is frosted. Originally $199, I got it for $50.

Now I know I could be predictable and use it outside by my fabulous South Beach-style pool:

But then I remembered I live in Falls Church, and I don't have a fabulous South Beach-style pool. So instead I thought it would be more interesting used as a dresser in my guestroom...ta-da!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and found some steals of your own.


PS...have you checked out the new West Elm site? Cute!!!

Make sure you check out the cool behind the scenes pages

Like this one of their Fall photo shoot

Or this one where you can get to know the West Elm designers

Super cool job!

I can't wait to post some great items this week, including my kitchen floors, a fabulous rug I found for $19.95, and one of my favorite designers. Stay tuned!

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