Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I heart striped rugs

I can't get enough of stripes, especially when it comes to rugs. I love me some striped rugs!

My new favorite is from

Could their website couldn't get any cuter? I love that it's written by Dash & Albert, both dogs!

I first read about Dash & Albert in my Traditional Home magazine on my way to Bethany Beach.  They were doing an article on Americana design, and featured this striped rug that I immediately fell in love with:

It's so fresh and preppy. I knew I had to have this. So I was so excited when two of my favorite Bethany Beach shops were selling Dash & Albert rugs! They feel every bit as good as they look in person--the 100% hand loomed flat weave is super soft!

If you've never heard of Dash & Albert will start to notice them everywhere now :)

Here are some of my favorites:

How cute would this be in a kid's room or mudroom...

I am definitely buying this rug in a runner length for my basement stairs...I hope the puppy comes with it!

 If you are not into stripes...they have other great offerings (although I might question our friendship)

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