Friday, August 21, 2009

Our First Home

We officially closed on our first home on Monday, August 17, 2009, and soon we will be Virginians. This week we have started taking boxes over to the house, but we still have a TON left to pack at our apartment. I can't believe how much we've collected over the past four years--and I can't believe how well we tucked it all away into a one-bedroom apartment. Tomorrow, my Mom, Dad, Mother-in-Law, and Sister-in-Law have all volunteered to help paint. I will post before and after photos tomorrow. 

In the meantime I thought I would post all of the things I will miss most about my Woodley Park neighborhood:

1. Organic Chinese take-out that delivers across the street
2. Manhattan Market, a completely overpriced and worth every cent grocery
3. Metro across the street
4. Free air conditioning
5. My sister three floors below
6. Our favorite bars walking distance
7. Starbucks walking distance
8. Open City (pancakes at 1am, strong coffee at 8am)
9. My hotel gym
10. The Marriott Wardman Park garden 
11. Our roof deck view of the National Cathedral and the Washington Monument
12. The weird random old women that live next door and sit on the sidewalk smoking cigarettes all day (maybe I won't 100% miss)

Ciao Woodley Park...Bonjourno Falls Church!

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